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New Trailer Makes JACK THE GIANT SLAYER Look Like A Big Mistake!!

The Kidd here...

Every once in awhile, a good movie gets a bad trailer. In most of those cases, the marketing department doesn't have the slightest clue how to sell the film properly, and, as a result, the film flops at the box office, because people weren't adequately made aware of how good a particular film might be... and they missed out. But the general rule when it comes to a bad-looking trailer is that it's representative of a bad movie. After all, if you can't pull anything from a two-hour film to be showcased in a positive light during a two-minute trailer cut, then things aren't looking too good for that picture.

That's where I think JACK THE GIANT SLAYER finds itself. Out of all the promotional material that's come rolling my way from the film, there has been nothing... and I mean, nothing... that has made Bryan Singer's latest directorial effort even the slightest bit appealing - not the story, not the characters, not the visuals... nothing. This has disastrous idea written all over it, and, to make matters worse, the newest trailer (complete with its generic rock music) certainly doesn't help. 

Please... someone find me something to take from this that might indicate that JACK THE GIANT SLAYER isn't a big mistake... Because I don't see it. 

-Billy Donnelly

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