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Minkyu Lee's ADAM AND DOG - Oscar Nominated Animated Short is here & spectacular!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I love animation, always have, can't imagine ever not loving the form.   I love being able to see this beautiful form of storytelling continuing...  and Minkyu Lee's ADAM AND DOG is another great piece of animation to add to your visual memory.   Essentially it is the story of the first Man and the first Dog.   It's that story, the classic tale, but if Adam had a Dog.   I LOVE THIS!  Now a warning, Adam has an occassionally defined penis, but your have to understand, this is pre-Shame.   So tis cool.  If somebody gets angry at you, just tell them to stop persecuting your religious freedoms.   Yeah.   But you have been warned.   You'll hardly notice, unless that's like your thing, in which case you'll be doing the Beavis & Butthead thing.   ADAM AND DOG is a beautifully animated wordless story that surely earns at least its nomination this year.   Now, turn everything off, turn up the sound, dim the lights...  Here's ADAM AND DOG:


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