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Paul Walker looks to be having a really shitty day in this trailer for SXSW flick HOURS

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Paul Walker has to keep his preemie alive during Hurricane Katrina. Not a bad logline and once you get past the awkward scene that happens in every "someone loses a spouse" movie, where the doctor tells the husband, who then asks for the doctor not to tell him that (Matt Damon actually did this well in Contagion), moment in the trailer then the flick starts looking very good.

I dig movies with a ticking clock/countdown backdrop and this one looks to be particularly interesting in that regard.

Check out the trailer. I'll for sure be catching this at SXSW.

Thoughts? I personally can't wait until this one has been out for a while and someone mistakes it for the Stephen Daldry Meryl Streep movie.

-Eric Vespe
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