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The Sapphires trailer has got soul! And Chris O'Dowd!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. The Sapphires premiered at Cannes when I was there last year, but I couldn't make it work in my schedule... and I tried. The word around the fest was that it was a feel good kind of movie and when you're watching film after film about old people dying and child molester accusations a feel good kind of movie starts looking really damn good.

Plus I'm a big fan of Chris O'Dowd. I'm happy that Melissa McCarthy has exploded after Bridesmaids, but I wish O'Dowd would have gotten a similar bump.

I'd tell you what The Sapphires was about, but why waste your time when you're just about to watch the trailer?

Very much looking forward to finally catching up with this movie.

-Eric Vespe
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