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The Trailer For 2013 SXSW Midnight's BIG ASS SPIDER! Looks To Deliver Exactly What It Promises!

Nordling here.

Just got my press credentials today for SXSW, and I can't be more excited.  It's going to be a hell of a SXSW this year, and my problem is picking and choosing the movies I want to see.  One of them, if I can fit it into my schedule will be BIG ASS SPIDER!  And after seeing this fun trailer, how could I not?  Sometimes I want to see people dealing with serious issues in serious settings, and sometimes I want to see people get venom sprayed in the face by a giant arachnid.  I contain multitudes.  So here's the trailer:

BIG ASS SPIDER! has its world premiere at South By Southwest in March.  Looks like a lot of fun.  And I hate spiders, so everyone wins.

Nordling, out.

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