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Ellen Page steps behind the camera for Miss Stevens and enlists Anna Faris to take the lead!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. It's a great news day for female directors. Amy Berg has movement on her narrative feature debut, Melissa McCarthy is stepping behind the camera for her Shirley MacLaine road movie and now Ellen Page is making the transition with a film called Miss Stevens, which will star Anna Faris as the title character, a down and out teacher.

The logline reads like a bad Oprah book club jacket description (Miss Stevens chaperones a weekend trip and instead of teaching her students they teach her about loving life and stuff, yadda-yadda-yadda), but I think Anna Faris has some good work in her. She's known primarily for her goofy roles, but she was pretty great in May, Lost in Translation and Brokeback Mountain. All those are small roles, but it sounds like Page is giving Faris a shot to really bring it in a leading role.

The script is by Julia Hart, who has one other writing credit, an upcoming film called The Keeping Room that has Olivia Wilde and Hailee Steinfeld attached.

So, congrats to all involved. Looking forward to seeing what Page's voice is as a director. She's made her distinct mark as an actress and I bet that'll translate to her visual style when she's calling the shots.

-Eric Vespe
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