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Dakota Fanning plays a baby killer in Amy Berg's feature debut Every Secret Thing

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Amy Berg has more than proved her eye for dramatic storytelling with her documentaries Deliver Us From Evil and West of Memphis and now she's taking the next step into narrative filmmaking with an adaptation of Laura Lippman's crime novel Every Secret Thing.

The book is about two 11 year old girls who were jailed for the death of a baby and are released 7 years later when they turn 18. Shortly after they're released children in the neighborhood start to go missing and they become the lead suspects.

That's already known, as well as the casting of Elizabeth Banks as the lead detective and Diane Lane as one of the girls' mothers, but what wasn't known was who in the running to play the two girls.

Dakota Fanning and relative newcomer Danielle Macdonald will play these young women. I'm getting a very Heavenly Creatures vibe from this one...

I'm excited to see how Berg develops as a narrative filmmaker. If her doc work is any indication she's going to be a powerhouse.

-Eric Vespe
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