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The Alan Partridge movie casts up!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge character is widely unknown to most US audiences, but that may soon change as the media spoofing Partridge gears up to lead his own movie.

The Alan Partridge Movie is casting up, grabbing a bunch of "Hey, I know that face" actors, including Colm Meany (Deep Space 9 geeks will like that), Sean Pertwee (Dog Soldiers), Monica Dolan (Sightseers) and Anna Maxwell Martin (Becoming Jane). They join Partridge alums Coogan, Felicity Montagu, Tim Key, Simon Greenall, Phil Cornwell, Nigel Lindsay and Darren Boyd. Declan Lowney directs.

That's a whole lotta names and not a whol lotta plot details, but just knowing we're getting an Alan Partridge film with Steve Coogan grinning throughout should be enough.

-Eric Vespe
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