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Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks joining The Big Shoe, an erotic satire from the director of Secretary

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. At first glance, seeing a Berlin announcement for a fashion movie with Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks didn't really register as anything but just another story, but then I saw that this film, The Big Shoe, was the one that Secretary director Steven Shainberg has been trying to get off the ground for years. If you've seen Secretary you know why seeing that small detail can completely change one's viewpoint, especially with Ms. Banks and Ms. Stewart involved.

The film is about shoe designer who gets discouraged, viewing his work as art while his wealthy family wants him to make a product with mass appeal. THey hire a psychotherapist (Banks) and a muse (Stewart) to entice him to return home and get back to work like the good little cobbler he is.

Touted as being highly erotic and satirical, that premise again turns from "Ooookkkaaayyy..." to "I'm in." It's all about context, folks.

Jim Sturgess is already attached and now they're doing a big push at the Berlin market to finally make this film. Considering they have Kristen Stewart hot off the Twilight Saga and at about the highest point of her career thus far, I'd say they could stand a real chance of finding the financing.

-Eric Vespe
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