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The Signal and V/H/S' David Bruckner to direct stalker flick INTRUSION

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. David Brucker directed the first act of The Signal and also the first V/H/S segment called Amateur Night (or, as I refer to it, The "I like you..." One). Now he's gonna get to do the middle and ending parts of a movie, too!

The film is called Intrusion and is about a woman who moves to San Francisco and finds herself the victim of a deranged stalker. The set up sounds very much like a throwback to films like Wait Until Dark, Eyes of a Stranger and some of Argento's early Giallos. Pretty girl in a new surrounding (usually an iconic city) being stalked by some crazy thing or another.

Deadline says this film is going into production later this year, with a script from L.D. Goffigan.

Original genre. I'm cool with that. I just hope Bruckner knows it'll be hard to top Time After Time for weird San Francisco set stalker stories.

-Eric Vespe
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