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How can the same shit happen to the same guy six times!?!?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm going to try to be civil with this Die Hard post since I've been a bit down on the promo materials for the lastest effort (but who can blame me, really?). Bruce Willis was on BBC's The One Show today and was asked about whether or not there'll be a Die Hard 6 and responded with a "Yeah, yeah... there will be." (Thanks to reader SooperMoop for pointing this out)

So, that's the news part. The commentary part is pretty predictable. I just want John McClane to be relatable again. He can still do amazing things, I just don't want him to be unbreakable (see what I did there?). When McClane struggles, we struggle. He's not just a quip machine, that's not what made Die Hard so popular in the first place. John McClane was afraid and vulnerable, but stepped up to the plate when he had to.

So, go with God, Mr. Willis. Keep pumping them out and do what makes you and Fox happy. Maybe A Good Day To Die Hard will be a pleasant surprise and I won't be such a sourpuss when it comes to these films anymore.

-Eric Vespe
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