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Wanna read an excerpt from Massawyrm's DREAMS AND SHADOWS from Harper Collins?

Hey folks, Harry here...  C. Robert Cargill has been a well storied part of AICN over its nearly seventeen years of online lunacy.   Over that time, he has of course become a dear friend of mine.   In fact, he just lives barely 2 blocks from me.  He did that on purpose.   He's knocked on my door unexpectedly and threatened to leave a bag of shit on my doorstep.   He even once tried to break down the door with a hammer.   I have the picture to prove it.   BUT - I couldn't be prouder of Cargill.   Writing a Novel is a bold endeavor.  Look at all those potential blank pages.   DREAMS AND SHADOWS was given to Yoko to read ages ago.  She typically reads heavier non-fiction books, but she tore through this and at the other end declared that it was "really really really good!"  I'm hoping to find a patch of time to read this once it is an e-book whilst pedaling the stair-climber in Rehab.   But for now - all of you can have your first glimpse at a sample of DREAMS AND SHADOWS complements of Harper Collins and Massa.   SO - 

Click here to Read your first tease of Massawyrm's DREAMS AND SHADOWS!

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