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MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FIVE Officially Offered To JACK REACHER Writer-Director Christopher McQuarrie??

I am – Hercules!!

“Jack Reacher” writer-director Christopher McQuarrie tweeted Tuesday that he is “deciding to accept” the mission of writing and directing the next “Mission: Impossible” movie.

Hopefully the reason he didn’t tweet “decided to accept” is because he’s holding out for full creative control of the project.

But McQuarrie being offered the franchise’s reins is perfectly phenomenal news. “Reacher,” if you’re asking me, was better than “Ghost Protocol,” and dollar-for-dollar one of the best action films ever.

More reason to cheer? McQuarrie was also the guy behind the screenplays for “The Usual Suspects” and the Tom Cruise vehicle “Valkyrie.” He’s expert at bringing meaty characterization to movies, something the spies in “Protocol” could have used a lot more of.

McQuarrie is also white-hot right now, having scripted three high-profile future films in production or post:
“Jack The Giant Slayer”;
“The Wolverine”; and
“All You Need Is Kill” (yet another Tom Cruise collaboration).

Here’s hoping Paramount gives him Ethan Hunt and gets out of his way.

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