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Aisha Hinds To Play Trapped
L.A. Entertainment Attorney In CBS’s Stephen King Miniseries UNDER THE DOME!! Wait, What?

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Aisha Hinds (she played Ballard’s FBI pal Loomis on “Dollhouse” and Miss Jeanette on seven episodes of “True Blood”) has been cast as Los Angeles entertainment attorney Carolyn Hill -- who finds herself trapped beneath a mysterious force field suddenly and mysteriously erected over a tiny New England municipality.

You say you don’t remember Hill from Stephen King’s 2009 novel “Under The Dome”? Me neither.

She may or may not be a surrogate for the book’s Carolyn Sturges, an out-of-town grad student who finds herself in a similar predicament.

Series scripter Brian K. Vaughn (“Lost”) appears to be changing lots of characters in the book, apparently converting waitress Dodee into a genius electronics engineer and hermit meth cook Phil into a popular indie-rock radio deejay.

We will soon learn of casting for former Navy SEAL Dale Bannister, sports blogger Julia Mainway and shoe salesman Big Jim Callum?

Mind you, I'm keeping an open mind.  I loved the book, but there were elements that could stand some improvement.  Maybe we'll get a better explanation for who or what is behind The Dome?

Niels Arden Oplev (who directed the original “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”) helms the 13-part CBS miniseries, which premieres on CBS June 24.

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