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Want To See Another Movie From The BELLFLOWER Gang? Want To Help Finance It?


Beaks here...

One of 2011's most divisive movies was Evan Glodell's BELLFLOWER, a pre-apocalyptic tale of muscle cars, flamethrowers and friendship. You either loved it, or wanted to wring the necks of those who weren't repulsed by the whole endeavor. It's the kind of movie that tears people apart.

If you were in the "Fuck you, BELLFLOWER is awesome!" camp, you should know that Glodell and the gang are back at it, and this time they're asking for a little financial assistance in getting their project before cameras. The film is called CHUCK HANK AND THE SAN DIEGO TWINS, and, yes, it's a mash-up of '80s actioners and side-scrolling, quarter-swallowing video games like DOUBLE DRAGON. Here's how it's described on the official site: "We want to create a visually rich world that honors a time when a street fight necessitated brass knuckles, chains, cut-off jean jackets, and HUGE Mohawks."

Hey, if you kids want to make a CLASS OF 1984 homage, I ain't gonna stop you. Hell, I'm actually considering kicking some cash your way even though BELLFLOWER was most certainly not for me. I like street gang movies that much.

If you're yearning for another 3:15, then you should hit up the official CHUCK HANK site, and see about donating some coin. There are all kinds of perks based on the size of your contribution, and a detailed breakdown on how they plan to spend your money. There've also enlisted the Medusa to help sell the concept. Check it out:



If this is for you, you know what to do. If not, take to Twitter and call people names for supporting garbage like this.

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