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Adam McKay says Kristen Wiig is joining the greatest cast in San Diego on ANCHORMAN 2!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   It seems that Kristen Wiig is joining the returning cast of David Koechner, Luke Wilson, Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and someone named Will Ferrell.   Wiig had been rumored, but the GhostPanther himself, Adam McKay tweeted out that she had joined up...  and he would know.  

She's incredibly talented - I mean...   she's friggin the voice of Lola Bunny!!!!   I mean, think about that!   WOW.

She's been kicking ass since she hit the scene and frankly I can't wait to see her unleashed upon the meatiest team on television.   How about you?


Kristen Wiig is enjoying the deadleaves of Anchorman: THE LEGEND CONTINUES!!!

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