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Rodrigo Santoro To Stand In The Saddle For Lynne Ramsay And Brian Duffield's JANE GOT A GUN!

Rodrigo Santoro

Beaks here...

One of the more intriguing projects out there is JANE GOT A GUN, the Brian Duffield-scripted western that has attracted the formidable likes of Natalie Portman, Michael Fassbender, Joel Edgerton and director Lynne Ramsay. The story concerns a young woman (Portman) who is forced to enlist the aid of her ex-lover (Fassbender) when her outlaw husband is betrayed - and nearly killed - by his own gang. It must be a helluva script, because another talented young actor, Rodrigo Santoro, is in talks to join the production.

Lynne Ramsay directing anything would be sufficient to spark my interest. Throw in these actors and what I'm told is a terrific screenplay, and JANE GOT A GUN is definitely one to look forward to. It has yet to start shooting, so we probably won't be seeing it until 2014. As for Santoro, you can see him reprise his role as Xerxes in this August's 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE. He's also in THE LAST STAND, which might still be in a theater near you.

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