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Colin Farrell Plans To Square Off Against Sir Anthony Hopkins For SOLACE!!

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Anytime you get Sir Anthony Hopkins attached to a film, it is certainly capable of being fantastic... at least that's how it used to be, back when he was rattling off stellar performances one after another. As of late, it seems like he caught a bit of what was plaguing De Niro and Pacino in recent years, which is just a case of accepting projects and roles that he's certainly better than. However, I have a bit of hope for SOLACE, which, according to Deadline just landed Colin Farrell in one of the lead roles as well. 

The film, penned by Sean Bailey, Ted Griffin, James Vanderbilt and Peter Morgan (yeah, it's been passed around long enough to accumulate four different writers), and directed by Afonso Poyart, would have an F.B.I. agent trying to convince a reclusive doctor to come out of retirement for one more case, helping to solve a series of murders being perpetrated by Farrell. Hopkins would play the doctor who went into hiding following the death of his daughter. The role of the F.B.I. agent remains open for the taking. 

There are definitely some SILENCE OF THE LAMBS similarities here, with Hopkins taking on a similar role to Hannibal Lecter, except on the good side of the law... but I'm most intrigued by Farrell's approach to playing the villain. I'd love to see Farrell going full-blown crazed baddie, and am hoping that's the route he chooses as opposed to something more subtle and understated... We could be in for a real treat with a completely unhinged Farrell on our hands. 

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