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Do You Have What It Takes? Cobra Wants You!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I find it personally hard to get excited for the big Paramount goofy GI Joe franchise... but just because I wasn't thrilled with the last film doesn't mean the sequel going so balls out crazy (fake president, cliff-fight ninjas, bullet slicing) can't win me over.

The marketing department is already working my weak spots, most notably in using Keith David to narrate their big viral release today, a recruitment ad for Cobra.

I don't know if it happened to you when watching it, but the automatic ad that popped over the video (who doesn't hate those things that cover a third of the video and you have to hurridly click close to actually watch what you clicked on) was a real "Join the Marines" ad.

That made me smile.

Anyway, Yahoo got the debut of the clip and the posters below, so good for you (read: as angry on-set Christian Bale, followed by slow clap). If you visit the website they have events listed throughout the country that I'm sure will have some costumed presence or other viral fun stuffs to do.

The crazy 3D insanity comes out this summer. Let's hope it lives up to the level of insane promised in the promotional materials.

-Eric Vespe
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