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How Many HERCULES Flicks Do We Really Need...?? Because Renny Harlin Is Making Another One!!

The Kidd here...

Yeah, so we're getting another HERCULES movie on the way... I know, I know... it's like that time we had two Snow Whites in the works, two asteroid movies getting made, two White House-under-attack films on the release calendar. For some reason, Hollywood likes these types of showdowns. In this competition, we have Brett Ratner directing The Rock on one side, and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Renny Harlin directing a 3-D version for Millennium that they hope to cast over the next few weeks in order to rush into production by May, so they can have it ready for March 2014, five months ahead of the one announced by Paramount and MGM. Yay for... well, there's gotta be someone excited for this. I mean, I was a little surprised when I first heard the news, not only because I didn't think there was a market for two separate Hercules movies within months of each other, but because I didn't know Renny Harlin was still making pictures. Apparently he is. 

Harlin, no stranger to pretty decent sized budgets - EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING, DRIVEN, DEEP BLUE SEA, THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT, CUTTHROAT ISLAND, CLIFFHANGER, DIE HARD 2 - is looking at about $70 million for this vision of Hercules, which is reportedly closer in tone to GLADIATOR than say CLASH OF THE TITANS, working off a script by Sean Hood and Hanna Weg... but is there anything off Harlin's resume that really leads you to believe this might turn out okay? I'm a fan of DIE HARD 2, but that was also 23 years ago. Most recently, his track record consists of the John Cena flick, 12 ROUNDS, and THE COVENANT. 

Hmmm... suddenly Brett Ratner ain't looking too bad, is he?

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