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Bruce Greenwood Joins Ryan Reynolds in QUEEN OF THE NIGHT!!

Bruce Greenwood - so compelling as JFK in THIRTEEN DAYS and so utterly badass as Christopher Pike in J.J.'s first STAR TREK movie (he's reprising the role in this Summer's sequel) - will play the role of a 'successful developer' in QUEEN OF THE NIGHT.  This casting isn't altogether surprising given that Greenwood has appeared in a few of QUEEN OF THE NIGHT director Atom Egoyan's previous films (THE SWEET HEREAFTER being one of them).  THR says Egoyan is also scripting QotN alongside David Fraser, and indicates...

Ryan Reynolds and Mireille Enos in previously announced roles will play the parents of an abducted child.

The film looks to be headed for a 2014 release.  As far as I'm concerned, someone should find a way to integrate Greenwood into the big screen Marvelverse.  Such awsomeosity would be unbearable...





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