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THE LONE RANGER's 90sec Super Bowl pre-game Spot is here!

Hey folks, Harry here...   I would love nothing more than to love THE LONE RANGER movie from Gore Verbinski...   And I'm still hoping to, but there's a number of things that just leave me feeling flat.   Thus far, Johnny Depp's Tonto isn't working in the slightest for me.   Armie Hammer seems like the second bill - and that's not at all how I want THE LONE RANGER to feel...  and then there's the lack of the breathless LONE RANGER theme.   I also think that wearing Black instead of the classic Blue with Red Neckerchief and white hat.  Somewhere in my monkey mind I just can't help but think about that Black outfit and those DESERT scenes and I just think about heat exhaustion.   I mean, it'd be rough.   This is the best look I've seen on the film thus far.   Just hope the whole thing comes together - Love the character.   I trust Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp - I just want more mystique with my Lone Ranger...  or Sergio Corbucci or Leone gun sound effects.   What do y'all think?


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