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A representative from Warner Brothers Animation confirmed to Newsarama this week that the current seasons of Cartoon Network’s “Young Justice” and “Green Lantern: The Animated Series” would be their last.

Of course there are already online petitions, but one fan decided to reach out to Ain’t It Cool mastermind Harry Knowles:

Hi Harry, my name is Warren and I'm writing to you out of frustration and semi desperation. I have read your site since you started in 1996 while in college (this dates me terribly) and have always been a fan of not only your articles but also your passion for all things cool in the media world.

One of my favorite shows is Young Justice, which has become perhaps the best animated superhero show of all time. I had my doubts in the beginning thinking it would be a dumbed down version of Superfriends, but Greg Weisman and the Young Justice staff have done wonders in creating actual characters, storylines, and themes that are authentic, complex, and compelling. As a long time fan of the Justice League, I look forward to it every week. I watch it with my children, it's something we enjoy together and that definitely bridges the gap between young and old(er).

I was horrified when I found out the other day that Cartoon Network has cancelled the series along with the Green Lantern CG series. The remainder of Season 2 will be aired in the coming months (in probably the same haphazard scheduling that has plagued the show in the past year), but then that's it. The shows replacing them sound dumb (in reference to the Teen Titans Go! "comedy" show) and unimaginative (with another reiteration of Batman in Beware the Batman). I don't mind the new Batman show, but Teen Titans Go? Come on!!! I can hardly take this.

So I'm writing to you to actually plead you to use your powers of influence to let Cartoon Network and DC in general know there are thousands and thousands of fans just like me that are just crushed by this news and that are demanding they continue the series. There are various online petitions ongoing, but I thought specifically of you as someone who could help. Please Harry, please help us get our show back on the air. Perhaps you could contact Greg Weisman and see what the chances are of another network like the CW taking it (ala the Simpsons) or even having a series of Young Justice movies done via the excellent DC Animated film series.

Please Harry, please help.


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