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This Super Bowl Sunday discover THE JEFFREY DAHMER FILES Trailer & Enjoy Your BBQ!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Jeffrey Dahmer was a seriously sick in the brain person.   Reading about that particular serial killer's actions...  it curdles the soul to think that we have people like this amongst us.  The most disturbing part of that tale was the number of people that thought he was a nice neighbor.   BUT now we have THE JEFFREY DAHMER FILES coming out via IFC Films in a couple of weeks to theaters and PPV at home.   In the sick category I feel Albert Fish is still the most disgusting horrible person on planet Earth, but Dahmer is up there.   That I know both critics quoted in this trailer and that they're both killer cool folks with very great taste in this kind of depravity, so I'm looking forward to checking this out.   Now here's your look...

Now enjoy your game day BBQ and don't DNA test it!

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