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The Super Bowl Spot For SNITCH Perhaps Tells Too Much!!

The Kidd here...

Summit Entertainment has gone out and purchased time during the Super Bowl to try turning people onto The Rock's next movie SNITCH, which is due to hit theatres in a few weeks. Strangely enough, Summit has been sitting on this film, not doing much with it over the past few months, with its promotional campaign really only kicking up now. I guess building awareness slipped their minds.

There's nothing here that looks too bad - The Rock has to put himself in jeopardy for the stupid decisions of his kid - although we've seen nearly all of this before already. And with that semi truck stunt looking like the biggest set piece in all of the movie, I wish they would have saved that for my theatre experience when I might appreciate more, as opposed to now, when they've just set me up to look for it as the inevitable moment approaches in the film. I'll give this one a watch when it comes out, as The Rock has done far worse. This one may turn out halfway decent. 

-Billy Donnelly

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