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Bradley Cooper Plans To Solve The Mystery Of THE MAN FROM PRIMROSE LANE!!

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You really can't blame Warner Bros. for wanting to stay in the Bradley Cooper business. He's been a part of THE HANGOVER franchise for them, which has netting them big bucks, something the third installment is sure to do this summer. He's up for an Oscar for SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, and, with THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES in March, he may be set to go to a whole new level as an actor than we've seen before. Therefore, snagging the rights to James Renner's novel The Man From Primrose Lane to develop it for Cooper doesn't seem like a bad idea at all. 

According to Deadline, Black List screenwriter Chad Feehan (he's on there for his script BEYOND THE PALE) is tasked with adapting the story about a true-crime writer investigating the mysterious murder of a reclusive man. However, the closer he gets to uncovering the truth, the more he realizes his own connection to not only this crime but a series of crimes that may be related. 

I hear this one is a bit of a genre bender, and isn't exactly the straight-forward murder mystery you'd expect, so I'll be interested to see how it's put together around Cooper as he moves into this part of his career towards some much more serious fare.

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