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Robert Downey Jr. Spills A Bit On Rhodes' Role In IRON MAN 3!!

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Expect a lot of IRON MAN 3 stuff to start coming your way over the next few days. Disney and Marvel Studios have a new 60-second spot lined up to air during the Super Bowl, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Trust me... there'll be a lot more info spreading about this next IRON MAN chapter very shortly. But Entertainment Weekly has gotten a jump on the process, talking to Robert Downey Jr. about what we can expect come May 3. They've decided to milk that conversation out over five parts, but, at least we're getting some pretty substantial tidbits from RDJ along the way, beginning with a bit of an understanding as to how Don Cheadle's Rhodey will factor into the equation this time around.

"Rhodey is much more in the dead center of things. He’s much more dynamic. We’ve made this decision that while Tony is a technical guy, he’s not really a trained guy. There’s a lot of fun to be had with Don because he’s really good with hardware and he’s a martial artist, so it’s been really fun exploiting this possibility of Tony having moments like the one in AVENGERS, like the one with Cap where he decides, 'Oh screw it, he probably knows what he’s doing.' So there’s a lot of that and a lot more fun and a lot more depth to Rhodey this time around."

More Cheadle is never a bad thing in any movie... and it'll be interesting to see how they expand upon War Machine's role in not only the world of Iron Man but also in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He sure could have been useful battling the Chitauri, so maybe they might want to get him on-board for the build to THE AVENGERS 2. Another hand should always be welcomed when you're fighting for the survival of mankind. 

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