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Mark Strong Teases Potential Return To KICK-ASS, And Looks Back At GREEN LANTERN!!


ComicBookMovie has a few notes from Empire's recent podcast with Mark Strong.  Strong, who portrayed ultra-douche Frank D'Amico in the first KICK-ASS movie, was evidently asked to appear as D'Amico's relative in the picture's forthcoming sequel, but had to decline to sue scheduling issues.  However, Strong evidently continued to say...

"...with out wanting to give anything away, I think there might be a life in Frank D'Amico yet in the Kick-Ass franchise." Whether he means in the upcoming movie, or in a future Kick-Ass related movie, only time will tell. 

...says CBM.

Scripted and directed by Jeff Wadlow (NEVER BACK DOWN), and produced by Matthew Vaughn, KICK-ASS 2 hits in late June.  

In the same podcast, Strong also took a moment to address the implosion of Martin Campbell's 2011 GREEN LANTERN movie, in which he played Sinestro.  

"Ya know, nobody makes a movie thinking 'oh god let's just make a terrible movie, let's not really try in this one shall we? Should we not even bother?' Everyone was really committed, and it's a shame it didn't catch fire in the right way."

Make of that statement what you will...but I'm coming down on the side of it not being a particularly ringing endorsement for the film.  Whose tone and pacing was, really, quite excruciating and uninvolving when all is said and done.  

While he's yet to make it all the way through the live-action feature (even thought he handled the equally troubled STAR WARS EPISODE I),  my six year old loves the Cartoon Network animated series spawned by Campbell's LANTERN movie - so perhaps the film wasn't a total waste?



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