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This Jerry Lewis flick, Max Rose, keeps looking better and better...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. You'd think that if I were to be a Jerry Lewis fan I would have grown up with his movies, but I didn't, really. I was aware of him, but never watched any of his films until my teen years. I guess you can credit my arrested development for enjoying his particular brand of zany years after I left his target demographic.

One thing I did obsess over a bit in my formative years, though, was Quantum Leap. I was that weird kid that always had more adult friends than friends my own age. I liked '60s music, the current movies and books and I guess I had more in common with the grown ups.

I had a teacher, Mr. Phillips, at my elementary school who was the cool teacher. He was the one you hoped you got when you moved from 5th to 6th grade, which is funny because looking back he was kind of a geek. He loved sci-fi stuff, would break out with Temptations songs in the classroom and could talk comic books with me. But still, all the kids adored him.

Mr. P was also a Quantum Leap fan so we'd talk about the newest episode every week and how awesome it was. This is a long roundabout way to tell you guys that Quantum Leap was huge for my childhood. It wasn't just a fun show, but one that helped me connect with the adults in my life. Which is why when Jerry Lewis' big comeback movie, Max Rose, added this particular actor to their roster I wanted to stand up and cheer:

Dean Stockwell will be joining up with Mr. Lewis, according to Deadline.

I don't know what to add to that other than Stockwell is the man. Even if you don't like Quantum Leap (and who doesn't like Quantum Leap?) you're surely aware of just how great he was in Blue Velvet, Dune, To Live and Die In LA or any one of the myriad of great character actor roles he's had over the last few decades.

So, bring it on Max Rose. Keep adding on the quality. If they put Dick Miller into this thing then I'm going into cool overload and that ain't pretty.

-Eric Vespe
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