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The Kidd Has Miami's BULLET TO THE HEAD Ticket Winners!!

The Kidd here...

Before I get on with running down this list of winners, let me just offer up a piece of advice for those of you who tpically try to come out for our Miami/South Florida screenings. You'll be seeing a bit of a shift in that soon on the sight, so, if I were you, I might go ahead and make sure you're connected to my Facebook and Twitter, as you never know when or, more importantly, where the next contest or giveaway opportunity might pop up. I'm just saying. It might be in your best interests if you enjoy coming together with the rest of your fellow Ain't It Cool community for these types of gatherings. 

Okay... let's get to the list. 

Notices will be going out immediately with your ticket pick-up instructions, so keep an eye out for that. If you haven't gotten it by the end of the weekend, email me right away, so I can get that necessary info to you ASAP.

Remember... this is NOT an Ain't It Cool exclusive screening, and has been overbooked to make sure there's a full house. So be sure to show up early if you want to make sure to not only get a good seat but get in, as having a ticket does not mean you're guaranteed entry. 

Alright... here's the list...

  • Kevin Alayon (+1)
  • Eduardo Aleman (+1)
  • Pedro Alvarez (+1)
  • Carla Anderson (+1)
  • Antrease Bozeman (+1)
  • Blake Caplan (+1)
  • Salomon Carrasco (+1)
  • Jim Day (+1)
  • Antauen Dennis (+1)
  • Michael Diaz (+1)
  • Kyle Duke (+1)
  • Antwon Emery (+1)
  • Ricardo Garcia (+1)
  • Leslie Gaynor (+1)
  • Dave Ghany (+1)
  • Geoffrey Goodland (+1)
  • Andrew Groothuis (+1)
  • Mauricio Hawkings (+1)
  • David Katz (+1)
  • Omar Khan (+1)
  • Katherine Kight (+1)
  • Kamal Kolappa (+1)
  • Tami Kulick (+1)
  • John Licona (+1)
  • Shawn Macomber (+1)
  • Nigel Manderson (+1)
  • Mike McCroskery (+1)
  • Maria Mejia (+1)
  • Patrice Painson (+1)
  • Dean Reynolds (+1)
  • Mike Riggs (+1)
  • Francisco Rodriguez (+1)
  • Jesus Romero (+1)
  • Jaime Santamaria (+1)
  • Steven Sorger (+1)
  • Armando Valenzuela (+1)
  • Alexander Vasallo (+1)
  • Pilar Vasallo (+1)
  • Gary Willey (+1)
  • Bill Wilson (+1)

That's it. That's the list.

Congrats to our winners, and thanks to everyone else for playing. See you on Monday night, and thanks to Warner Bros. 

And remember... Facebook, Twitter... it'll be worth it. 

-Billy Donnelly

"The Infamous Billy The Kidd"

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