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Kevin Feige reveals the characters that will lead Marvel Films' Phase Three!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. We know that Edgar Wright's been involved with Marvel Film since the early Iron Man 1 days and in all that time he's been associated with Ant-Man. At last year's Comic-Con they unveiled a proof of concept reel that Edgar and his team put together that looked really rad, so it was certainly reasonable to assume that Ant-Man was moving closer and closer to reality.

Now we know how close to reality.

In an interview with MTV's Splash Page, Marvel Films big cheese Kevin Feige revealed that Ant-Man will be one of the leading films for Marvel's Phase 3 (we're in Phase 2 right now with Iron Man 3, Cap 2, Thor 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers 2), expected to hit screens in 2015, sometime after The Avengers 2 takes a bow.

Feige states that the only reason they're making the movie is because Edgar wants to do it and that while it will be firmly established in the Marvel Universe it'll be "in a different corner than we've seen before."

Ant-Man is not alone in the new, weirder, Phase 3. He'll also be joined by a certain Sorcerer Supreme.

Feige was sketchier on a Doctor Strange movie, but you can tell he's fired up about the character and the potential for a kick-ass movie. No date was mentioned, just that he'll be a prominent lynchpin to Phase 3.

Super exciting times for us Marvel geeks, innit? Now they just need to get Guillermo del Toro on the phone for Doctor Strange: The Movie and all will be right with the world. And if he turns them down, then I'm gonna make the case right here and now for Don Coscarelli to get a shot at the big time. He deserves it and would be a brave, inspired choice. At least I think so.

-Eric Vespe
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