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A new clip from A Good Day To Die Hard has surfaced... I've got a bad feeling about this...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I know there are people out there that really like Live Free Or Die Hard. I can't wrap my brain around that point of view, especially if you claim to love any three of the other films, but these people do exist. Hell, there might even be a few of them in the conversation below. I keep trying to give that one a second chance, but I've only been able to sit through the film one more time, with the "we put in a few more "fucks" so it's just like the other ones now, right?" edition and I still don't get it.

When I saw the Yippee Ki-Yay Mother Russia posters I was just flat out shocked at just how off point the franchise has become, but a poster's a poster and with Looper, Moonrise Kingdom and even to a lesser degree Red it seems like Bruce Willis is waking up and remembering that people like him as a goofy action star, but they like him as the everyman better.

So, with Len Wiseman nowhere near this movie and Bruce on an upswing I kept my positivity up. The trailers are fine, but again a far cry from what made the character of John McClane so special in the first place. Even in Die Hard With A Vengeance he was always struggling to keep his head above water every step of the way and every decision he made in the film took a physical toll on him.

I didn't see that in the trailers, but it looked like Willis was having fun again, so there was that. And now this clip of a car chase from A Good Day To Die Hard really makes me sad. Willis is fine. He's throwing out the quips like McClane, but I was really distracted by the piss poor editing of the clip. He's also now back to doing James Bond stunts that don't seem to have any repercussions at all.

While I still have a hope that this movie pulls off a fun John McClane tale I'm getting to the point where I can't ignore the bad feeling all these publicity materials are giving off. Maybe I'm overreacting. What do you folks think of the clip?

-Eric Vespe
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