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Thanks to Sideshow/Hot Toys we have nice, detailed looks at Iron Man and War Machine's new duds!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Sideshow and Hot Toys have announced a few of their Iron Man 3 pieces, which is all fine and good for us nerdy collectibles hoarders, but what's interesting about these two busts going on sale is it gives us our first real, detailed look at both the Mark XLII Iron Man armor and War Machine's new duds.

War Machine in particular is pretty damn cool looking. He's sleeker, more refined and I dig how he's now more flat silver, chrome and flat black. Check 'em out below:

Cool, right? If you're into geek toys (and let's face it, if you're reading this the answer is probably yes, no matter how much you might protest in public) you can pre-order both of these guys at Sideshow's Website. Iron Man can be found here and War Machine can be found here.

As cool as the new armors look, I'm still most excited about Shane Black's script and direction. That to me is going to be the real star of the next installment.

-Eric Vespe
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