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Is TV’s Greg Stillson To Menace DEXTER In His Final Season??

I am – Hercules!!

Will Sean Patrick Flanery, who’s already portrayed the TV versions of both Greg Stillson and Henry Jones Jr. (to say nothing of Powder), play the last man to menace the murderous Morgans?

Flanery has been cast in the eighth and perhaps final season of “Dexter” as Miami private investigator Jacob Elroy, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Entertaiment Weekly says the great Charlotte Rampling (“Stardust Memories,” “The Verdict”) has been cast in a recurring role as “ a neuro-psychiatrist who specializes in working with young psychopaths and profiling criminals in unorthodox ways.”

Do neuro-psychiatrists practice surgery? Will her scalpel cut away The Dark Passenger?

Find EW’s story here.

Find Deadline’s story here.

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