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Is This Superman’s New Best Friend??

I am – Hercules!!

Does Superman’s best friend sport female genitalia in “Man of Steel”?

Rumors are flying that hot young actress Rebecca Buller is playing “Jenny Olsen” thanks to a listing in IMDb.

I rarely give a lot of credence to rumors that start -- as this one did -- on IMDb, which is notoriously shaky when it comes to exclusvie info on unreleased movies, but I think this one’s of note for a handful of reasons.

1) There’s never been a Superman movie or TV show without Jimmy Olsen in it.

2) There’s been no announcement of anybody playing Jimmy in “Man of Steel" (though we've long known who plays Lois, Perry and Clark).

3) There’s been no official announcement of who Rebecca Buller plays.

4) In a recent “Man of Steel” trailer Buller's character is seen alongside Perry White fleeing an explosion.

5) Gender swaps for classic characters are an emerging trend. (See Kara Thrace in “Battlestar Galactica,” Jane Watson in "Elementary" and Frederika Lounds in Bryan Fuller’s upcoming Hannibal Lecter series over at NBC.)

6) “Man of Steel” director Zach Snyder cast a black guy as Perry White.

I think there’s maybe a 65% chance Jenny Olsen isn’t bullshit.

What say you, constant readers?

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