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Hope You Brought Your Dick Along, Too, To View The Trailer For The Coens' INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS!!

The Kidd here...

There are two obvious reasons to be instantly interested in INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS - Joel and Ethan Coen. But I'm going to add one more, and that's Oscar Isaac, who has been stellar in everything he's been a part of thus far, only he hasn't gotten that lead role to really show what he can do yet. I'm pretty sure this is that opportunity. Isaac stars as the titular character who sets out to try to make a career for himself as a folk singer-songwriter in the 60s. 

The film is loosely based off Dave Van Ronk's posthumous memoir The Mayor of MacDougal Street, and co-stars Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman. We may not have a release date for it at this point, but you know want to know when you can expect to see this right away after giving this a look. 

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