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The New International Trailer For SIDE EFFECTS Is Clearly On Drugs!!

The Kidd here...

Open Road Films has put a new international trailer out there for its coming Steven Soderbergh picture SIDE EFFECTS and... wow... that's a lot of pharmaceuticals on display there. 

Having seen the film already, I would suggest maybe staying away from the trailer as it shows more than enough from the film, and, as twisty and turny as SIDE EFFECTS, and knowing how preconceived notions can affect one's enjoyment of a movie, the fact that some of it is taken out of context and stretched to give you a bit of a different movie than what's being advertised, I might just want to go in as fresh as possible if I was you. This is a solid film for mature adults with attention spans that last longer than 10 seconds. 

But for those of you that absolutely need to see more of the film before making up your mind... well, you've been warned...

-Billy Donnelly

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