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The new Oz the Great and Powerful spot is certainly... bright...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Sam Raimi has time and again earned my complete trust and respect. Sure, it hurts when he hits me with Spider-Man 3, but I remember the good days and I know he's a good man. He don't mean to hurt me.

I will go in to Oz The Great and Powerful with an open mind and really hope I like it, but I gotta say... these TV spots remind more Burton's Alice In Wonderland than anything else. Well, that's not exactly true... some of the character animation reminds me of Shrek. Neither of those things are good.

But I trust Raimi. It's true that when he's let me down in the past it's been a real big let down, but I don't believe he went into this film just wanting to churn out some homogenized bullshit, so I'm eager to see how his particularly unique voice comes through in the finished film.

Here's the newly released 1 minute international spot with some new footage:


-Eric Vespe
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