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Mondo has two new purty Lord of the Rings Posters!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Having been a fan of Mondo since the beginning, I gotta say I'm mightely impressed how they've kept up the quality over the years. With last week's release of those beautiful ET and Jaws posters I was reminded just how great a service Mondo is for us movie geeks and now they've gone and released images of their next pieces, two more in their Lord of the Rings line.

Tomorrow, Thursday January 24th, at a random time Mondo will announce that these two posters are on sale via their twitter feed @MondoNews.

My favorite is this one, called Precious Cargo and illustrated by Paolo Rivera. The poster is 24X36, limited to a run of 330 and will run you $50.

That's not to say Mike Sutfin's "Servants of Sauron" isn't great, too. I'd be proud to have either on my wall. Sutfin's Nazgul-centric poster is 24X36, signed by Sutfin, limited to 285 and will also run you $50. A variant is also available for this one, limited to 155 and costing $75.

Make sure to check out Mondo's blog for more detail-focused pics of these posters.

Good luck to all my fellow Mondo hounds! Maybe I'll see some of you at the upcoming Mondo Gallery event this Friday?

-Eric Vespe
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