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Wanna see some of Edgar Wright's early shorts? How about if I throw in some awkward teenage interviews?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Can I say how much I love this? Edgar Wright has posted a barrage of clips of his teenage self making UK TV appearances in support of his early video work, provided to him by Tom Haigh at the ITV archive.

I've embedded them all below for your convenience, but you should really go over to EdgarWrightHere to read his commentary on them.

The best part about these clips is that most of them include either full shorts or clips from Edgar's first feature A Fistful of Fingers.

Enjoy little Edgar Wright, who is pretty much the Edgar we all know and love, but slightly more boyish. I particularly like the one where young Master Wright teaches us how to make film vomit.

Warning, this one is NSFW, so be careful at work!

Awesome, no?

-Eric Vespe
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