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Magnolia To Help PRINCE AVALANCHE Engulf Us All!!


Via THIS posting at Deadline, a new press release reveals that writer/director David Gordon Green's PRINCE AVALANCHE (starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch) has been picked up for distribution by Magnolia.  

Said release describes the picture thusly...

Driven by striking performances from Rudd and Hirsch, PRINCE AVALANCHE is an offbeat comedy about two men painting traffic lines on a desolate country highway that’s been ravaged by wildfire. Against this dramatic setting, beautifully shot by frequent Green collaborator Tim Orr, the men bicker and joke with each other, eventually developing an unlikely friendship.

As mentioned above, PRINCE AVALANCHE comes to us from writer/director David Gordon Green, who previously helmed PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and YOUR HIGHNESS.  The later of which is, somewhat famously, one of Howard Stern's favorite films.  



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