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Aw, hell. Now I have to see the Baywatch movie...

UPDATE - Steve at Collider says The Wrap has this all wrong and Hader is not in the film. Internet cat fight! If Steve's right, then I'm back to not having a reason to watch this movie in the first place and if The Wrap's right then Hader will have a lead in a crazy comedy, so either way we win, I think. I'll update further if The Wrap retracts the story or Hader officially comments.


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Well, shit. I was happy to go my whole life and not see a Baywatch movie, but then Paramount and director Ben Garant had to go and make Bill Hader the star of it.

Bill Hader has for years been the MVP at SNL and I think is one of the most singularly talented funnymen of the decade. And, if you'll forgive a giant namedrop, I told him so when I was introduced to him at the Super 8 premiere. "Whatever they pay you at SNL it isn't enough," I told him. Being the nice guy he is he just said thanks and followed it up with "From your lips to Lorne's ears..."

I'm a big fan and now Hader is the Hasselhoff character. I don't necessarily think of the Hoff when I see this guy...

But watching Bill Hader play a lifeguard investigating meth lab oil rigs sounds like a movie I have to see, so fuck it. You win Paramount. You win.

The Wrap also confirms that The Hoff and Pamela Anderson will return as cameos. But really it's all about the Hader for me.

-Eric Vespe
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