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The White House Is Under Attack In First OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN Trailer!!

The Kidd here...

We're getting our first look at OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN today, the first of two White House under attack movies set to hit theatres this year. This one from FilmDistrict stars Gerard Butler as a former Secret Service agent removed from the President's detail after choosing the man he protects over the First Lady in an unfortunate car accident. However, he's thrust back into action as the only hope for the United States in retaking the White House after it's captured by terrorists. Aaron Eckhart plays the President, proving that getting you to believe in Harvey Dent was just the tip of his political aspirations. 

There is some nice stuff here in Antoine Fuqua's picture. I'm most impressed by all the aerial footage of these gunships coming after the White House. The tortured backstory of Butler's character gives him a bit of emotional depth... but I think I'm still more interested in seeing Roland Emmerich's take on this premise with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. After all, you know that one's going to be big and fun, yet potentially more stupid.

How do you like your White House under attack movie? More serious and grounded? Or fun and dumb? This is like the DEEP IMPACT against ARMAGEDDON situation all over again. 

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