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THE EAST Is Taking Over In The New Trailer For Zal Batmanglij's Latest!!

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I was a big fan of Zal Batmanglij's feature film debut last year with SOUND OF MY VOICE, so consider me heavily intrigued to see his latest collaboration with Brit Marling. THE EAST, which premieres at this year's Sundance, places Marling undercover as a operative for a private intelligence form who must try to infiltrate and stop an anarchist group whose mission is to attack corporations who are beyond proper treatment of their employees and society as a whole. Of course, she gets drawn in by what The East stands for, namely the group's leader, and... well, you can find out the rest for yourself once Fox Searchlight decides to release it. But this is one I've definitely got my eye on. 

THE EAST also stars Alexander Skarsgård, Ellen Page, Julia Ormond and Patricia Clarkson.

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