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Director Michael Winner has left us...

Hey folks, Harry here...   Just as I was about to shutdown this computer for the next 5 days, I got word that Michael Winner has died.   Now, sharp eyed viewers of the first season of AINT IT COOL with Harry Knowles, might have spotted a poster from time to time called PLAY IT COOL.   I love the mod sensibilities of the poster and the film was a fun musical experience - if a bit simple.   This was one of the early works of Michael Winner, the director that most of us know for a slate of really badass movies in the 1970s.

You seen CHATO'S LAND?  Think Rambo, with out the military background.   You see Charles Bronson is Chato - and Chato killed a US Marshall and gets hunted by Jack Palance...  and it is AWESOME!   

Even before that, Michael directed Oliver Reed in a WWII escape from the Nazis flick...  where Oiver Reed escapes with an Elephant he was taking care of...  this film also features the awesome of Michael J Pollard - who you should find everything he did to enjoy.

I mention these two rarely appreciated flicks - because the films we all know Michael Winner for...  are often praised.   Flicks like THE MECHANIC with Bronson or the first 3 DEATH WISH films.  Hell, I love his remake of THE BIG SLEEP with Robert Mitchum - and I really love its one sheet by Amsel.   He did SCORPIO with Burt Lancaster and Alain Delon which is a really great spy/assassination flick.   

The point being, Michael Winner understood action.  How much so?   He was offered THE FRENCH CONNECTION to direct along with the Dino KING KONG - it would have been fascinating to have seen what he would have done, especially on KING KONG.   

To get a real flavor for the man himself, check out his quotes over at IMDB - he was a hoot.   

Our thoughts go out to wife Geraldine Lynton and those that knew him.  Another good one is gone.

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