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Michael Bay's return to the R marches forward with this spot for PAIN & GAIN!

Hey folks, Harry here...   With this weekend's disappointing returns on what is actually a really fun Schwarzenegger action flick...  I have to wonder if at least here at the out set of 2013, if America is a bit 'gunshy'?   I know, this isn't a Schwarzenegger article, but as I look at PAIN & GAIN, BULLET TO THE HEAD & A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD - I wonder if the Sandy Hook incident might have termporarily shrunk the domestic market for action?  I hope not, I'm an action movie maniac and the idea of Michael Bay returning to R-rated insane action and hijinks...  It's what I've been craving while he's been Shia-ing around.   Bay brings it when he does an R-rated flick.   And I love the sensitive muscle guy approach to this.   And at least thus far it seems to be working on the situational comedy of the characters that Duane and Mark are playing.   Here, you take a look.   What do you think of PAIN & GAIN?   The extended look we saw at BNAT with Bay's Brain Smashing opening was a classic...  it's kinda why Nordling has lost his fool mind.



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