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John Ary here with a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest flick, The Last Stand.  

The good news: Arnie has returned to form.  He's kicked off much of the rust that seemed to coat his abysmal performance in Expendables 2.  The bad news: Many of the action scenes lack any kind of real world logic and the generic action movie dialogue is unintentionally funny.  Here are the rest of my thoughts... 

The Last Stand
 opens Friday.
Here in Austin, we had the pleasure of hosting Arnie and Johnny Knoxville for a Q&A after the film screened.  Hearing Conan recite one of his most famous lines in person...AWESOME.   Check out a few of the highlights from their talk. 
You can see the entire 40 minute Q&A here. We've also posted a few more Schwarzenegger soundbites on the AICN Youtube channel.  
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