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A HOT TUB TIME MACHINE Sequel Is Warming Up...



I quite enjoyed 2010's HOT TUB TIME MACHINE - it had a lot of heart, a bit of smarts, and showed both wisdom and refinement in its unbridled, crass dopiness.  In this regard, it nicely evokes BILL & TED...although it doesn't have as much innate charm.  

As such, news of another HOT TUB TIME MACHINE film doesn't exactly fill me with dread. I'd be interested to see where this goes, and what spin can be brought to the equation.  THIS piece over at THR suggests we may soon find out...


MGM is in early talks to draw up plans for a sequel to its 2010 comedy Hot Tub Time Machine.

The company is in what insiders characterize as “exploratory talks” with Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke to reprise their roles for the follow-up.

Sounds like Corddry may work alongside returning director Steve Pink, and Cusack is apparently not involved "at this point."  Seeems unlikely that a sequel would be mounted without any Cusack presence whatsoever.  We'll see...



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