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WALKING DEAD’s New Showrunner Is GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE Screenwriter Scott M. Gimple!!

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Scott M. Gimple, a writer who joined “The Walking Dead” at the start of its second season, has been promoted to that series' showrunner.

Co-writer of 2011’s big-screen “Ghost Rider” sequel,  Gimple created for ABC “Fillmore!” a Saturday morning cartoon series about a member of a middle school’s safety patrol. Presumably the “Fillmore!” gig represents his only prior showrunning experience.

He assumes his new job at the start of “Dead’s” fourth season, and will certainly prove highly agreeable to any suggestions AMC’s management might offer, following the firing of original showrunner Frank Darabont midway through season two and the departure of replacement showrunner Glen Mazzara at the end of season three.

Gimple’s other TV credits include “Pepper Ann,” “Jungle Cubs,” “American Dragon,” “El Tigre,” “Life,” “FlashForward” (another collaboration with “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” co-writer David Goyer) and NBC’s terrible bounty hunter drama “Chase.”

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