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ILM's VFX showreel proves why The Avengers will be hard to beat at the Oscars

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. The VFX Oscar race is a tight one. Prometheus had some story/character problems, but technically it was an immaculate movie. The Riddles in the Dark sequence in The Hobbit has the best character animation I've ever seen... Gollum has always looked ahead of his time visually, but in The Hobbit he looked like an animatronic puppet that had been given a soul, Pinocchio style.

And then there's The Avengers, which is big and colorful and bright and fun. So much so that I think I took for granted the sheer amount of effects work that went into that film, and the complex character animation used. I remember when I found out that all the shots of Iron Man flying through the New York streets from the beginning of the movie were 100% CGI I was floored. I could have sworn they shot background plates and enhanced it with CG.

ILM has released their VFX reel and it features a lot of cool imagery, showing how detailed these shots really were. I hear Weta's Hobbit VFX reel is amazing and I hope they release that, too.

So, check out lots of Hulk action (including a bum shot) here:

-Eric Vespe
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